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Instructor: Amy Sikarskie

Location: Online through Crowdcast

Tuition: $188

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Chakras Certification with theIEL Institute includes:


  • 4 tutorial videos with Russell Forsyth
  • 7 hours of video replay of the live class taught by Amy Sikarskie
  • PDF hand-outs by both Amy and Russell Forsyth
  • Membership to the private IEL Institute's Facebook page 
  • Membership to the private student group @heal_awaken_activate on Instagram 

Tuition $188 

This high-vibrational course is offered online to students world-wide. The live class is focussed on the chakras of the human energy system. Ancient text spoke of the chakras or energy centers of the body, as ‘wheels’ or spinning vortexes of energy. Working with any non-physical being, naturally leads to a focus on energy flow within the body and the need for identification of anything that might serve to restrict movement as it relates to the wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. In this section you will learn the basics of the seven major chakras, their function, and the relationship that energy centers display with regard to an individual's physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Healthy energy centers that are free from cords, empower an individual to function at their highest level and create healthy relationships based in wellness.

Topics include: 

  • The Anatomy of the Chakras
  • Influences including Blocks & Cords
  • Characteristics of the chakras
  • Clearing
  • Charging and Balancing the chakras and more

Tutorial Videos:

  • Chakras
  • Assessing the Chakras 
  • Cords of Attachment
  • Methods to Balance Chakras

Through the combined live broadcasted class and the pre-recorded home-study resources, students will have access to information and experienced shared by two seasoned Intuitive Energy Practitioners, video tutorials, and an interactive workshop with an estimated 7 hours of instruction and exercises

There is an opportunity to certify with the completion of 5 Chakra Healing sessions. 

Chakras is section 1.3 of the IEL's seven level program and the last section in level one, Intuitive Communication. This course is being offered by Amy Sikarskie through a replay of the live video broadcast. It is a self-paced course. And is supported with pre-recorded tutorial videos found through the IEL Institute's home-study courses taught by Russell Forsyth and PDF materials from both instructors.

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