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Hello, It's so great to connect. For those who'd like to know a little bit about me, I'd describe myself as a free-spirited, open-hearted, fun loving woman who has found and experienced a glimpse of the heaven that is within us all. From a young age, I have been connected to spirit. Receiving intuition and guidance from angels, spirit guides, God, my higher-self and the higher selves of others. During my teen years, my focus turned from religion towards a path of spirituality. Seeking answers from the experiences around me

and deep within, I released the religion of my youth in my early twenties. I am forever grateful to my parents and community for the high vibration truths that I was encouraged to retain. I know that it was by no mistake that I chose the environment and upbringing of my childhood, for it would deeply assist in the work I offer today.

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Fast forward a decade later with the opportunity and the desire placed before me. It was at this time that guidance from that which is All, led me to train as a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist. Prior to training, I was blessed with two beautiful regressions of my own giving some knowledge and experience with the process. Little did I know how life changing and magical the sessions to come would be. It was during the training that I further received multiple regressions from classmates. These sessions lead into a deeper understanding of my soul's origin and mission in this life. I feel incredibly blessed with these memories, and it is my desire to assist others in their own rememberings through hypnotherapy. 

I continue to expand upon the knowledge of energy healing and experiential insights and have found that in healing my energy body, my abilities to connect in with spirit and the energies around me has increased. Naturally, sessions have progressed from a transference of energy in healing sessions to that of receiving messages also. I often find messages come through for the client during their healing space. Among the many facets and services offered during a healing session, I also offer messages of love from guides, angels and loved ones through stand-alone readings.  In 2017 I became a certified teacher with the IEL (Intuit the Energy of Love) Institute and offer classes and certification online and in Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas. 

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Standing in Light is the key to the facilitating the healing sessions. Where there is light, there is no place for darkness. It is this Light of God / Spirit / Higher Intelligence that flows through and releases disturbances, restructures, repairs and programs healing codes within the client's energy, mind, body and spirit. I was introduced to Reiki in high school and trained shortly thereafter. Since then I have expanded my knowledge and experience with a variety of healing frequencies including Reconnective Healing and Deeksha. I also work hand-in-hand with my guides and higher-self and those of the client and the archangel realm.

As a young mother in my early twenties, I pulled into my life many books and studies that would assist in the work I offer today. I was exceptionally drawn towards and intrigued by the works pertaining to past lives and past life remembrances. When I was first introduced to the works of Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton, I was young, and our family was just starting out. My husband and I were both in school, making ends meet, and to be involved with such work seemed like merely a dream. A dream I dare not let my heart desire, for I felt it so strongly, and yet had no understandings of how it would one day be my reality.