Star-Seeded Ascensions: Activating the Starseed

The 7 Personal Chakras is a colored pocket companion to The Energetic Light Body I, providing quick on-the-go access to information related to the seven major chakras. In this book, you will find a quick and easily accessible chart for each of the seven personal chakras.

Coming December 2016

Book two of the Star-Seeded Ascensions series, Activating the Starseed, brings the reader up close and personal with the ascension process. In Activating the Starseed, Amy shares her awakening and ascension experiences as star councils and the archangel realm share pertinent information regarding Earth's ascension with the reader. This invaluable text supports Lightworkers and Starseeds in their path of remembrance and the activation of their star-seed. 

"I pretty much cried through many of the chapters, it was almost like a code of remembering my light and my assignment here on the earth plane at this time of 'now'."     -Karina Olszweski, Canada 

The 7 Personal Chakras - A Reference Guide (Pocket Companion)

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 Through a series of spiritual regressions, hypnotherapists and energy practitioners,  Amy and Connie, return to their higher selves and make connections with their Star Councils. They receive information for Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Energy Healers as they converse with their council of spirit guides about the ascension of humanity and Mother Earth. As each channel in their councils’ messages, they learn about their missions on earth. Step into the experience as the authors take you with them on an emotional and enlightening journey back to their star families where they receive support and guidance for all on earth at this time.

This book accompanies the 2nd class in advanced Reiki training. Included topics: The Clairsenses, Overview of the Chakra system and the Auric Shield. Book holds in-depth information on the personal Chakras 1-7 to include roles and characteristics of the chakra, correlations between chakras and the physical body, techniques used in activating and balancing chakras, signs and symptoms of depleted or overly charged chakras, and more. 

The Energetic Light Body 1 - Advanced Reiki Training Class # 2

Books authored by Amy Sikarskie

A Safe Foundation for Connecting With Spirit - Advanced Reiki Training Class # 1

A Safe Foundation for Connecting With Spirit is the first book in a series that accompanies classes for Energy Healers, Mediums, and Psychics. In working with the Angels, Spirit Guides, Reiki and Earth Energy this book provides fundamentals needed. Topics include prayers of protection, psychic shielding, discerning between your spirit guide and an impostor, why grounding is so important, levels of the auric field and how to locate them, and more. There are two meditations; Grounding and Meeting Your Spirit Guide.