Healing With Color and Light

As each chakra has a frequency of sound, they also have a nourishing color frequency. During the session with the Forsyth Crystal Light Table, the client receives a soothing bath of light energy. With the assistance of the Vogel Crystal, these color vibrations are infused with their intentions for their session. For best results, clients may dress in white and or wear a white sleeveless top and white shorts during session.

From the top of the head #7 down to the base of our spine #1, we have 7 major energy centers that correlate to a specified color. The colored light frequencies assist in harmonizing the chakras

                                              7- Crown -Violet
                                              6- Third Eye - Indigo

                                              5- Throat - Sky Blue
                                              4- Heart - Green ... Pink (4th level of Energy Field)
                                              3- Solar Plexus -Yellow 
                                              2- Sacral- Orange
                                              1- Red - Root