Course Book

This book accompanies the 2nd class in advanced Reiki training. Included topics: The Clairsenses, Overview of the Chakra system and the Auric Shield. Book holds in-depth information on the personal Chakras 1-7 to include roles and characteristics of the chakra, correlations between chakras and the physical body, techniques used in activating and balancing chakras, signs and symptoms of depleted or overly charged chakras, and more. 

1. Extra Sensory Abilities (ESP) or The Clairs 
2. Perceive, Visualize and Manifest
3. The Chakras
4. Root Chakra / Base / Muladhara
5. Sacral Chakra / Sexual Chakra /
6. Solar Plexus Chakra / Navel Chakra / Manipura
7. Heart Chakra / Anahata
8. Throat Chakra / Vishuddha
9. Third Eye / Brow Chakra / Ajna
10. Crown Chakra 
11. The Pineal Gland
12. Opening and Closing Chakras 
13. Kundalini Awakening
14. Clearing with a Sphere 
15. Auric Healing and Repair

Companion Manual

The 7 Personal Chakras is a colored pocket companion to The Energetic Light Body I, providing quick on-the-go access to information related to the seven major chakras. In this book, you will find a quick and easily accessible chart for each of the seven personal chakras.

Class 2- The Energetic Light Body 1

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