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Section 1 is all about angelic communication. As you better understand the angelic realm, how these non-physical beings communicate, and the way you use your non-physical senses, the easier it becomes to practice the skills inherent in all human beings. With knowledge comes increased awareness of a process that you have been using for your entire life. Honing your skills of communicating with angels, will become the foundation for increased awareness, spiritual growth, energy healing, and illumination for the journey ahead. With this section, you will receive access to sixteen tutorial videos, making it one of the most comprehensive sections in the IEL Institute Program.


Introduction to Angels
Introduction to Angels 2
Methods used to connect with angels
Clair Senses
How to know when you’ve connected
The Pendulum
Pendulum demo
The Body Pendulum
Using Oracle Cards
Single Card
Three Card reading
Yes/No reading
Celtic Cross
Multi-Deck reading part 1
Multi-Deck reading part 2

IEL Institute Level I Section 2
“Archangels and the Ascended Masters”

The second section of the IEL Institue Level I on intuitive communication brings information on archangels and ascended masters, with ways to connect with this realm intuitively and energetically. Understanding how to know you’ve connected will serve to usher in the confidence that leads to the best possible outcome regarding the intended use of your intuitive skills. This section includes mental body exercises that offer a fun way to grow your intuitive senses, while you learn about the various aspects of working with the archangels and the ascended masters. The beauty, inspiration, and wisdom that each archetype provides for the human psyche, gives you the knowledge to call upon the perfect guide that matches your needs.


Introduction to working with Archangels & Ascended Masters

A Short Intro in to Many of the Ascended Masters

A Short INtro in to the Archangels

The Choirs of Angels

And more! 

IEL Institute Level I Section 3

This section serves as an introduction to the energy centers known as chakras. Ancient text spoke of the energy centers of the body as ‘wheels’ or spinning vortexes of energy. Working with any non-physical being, naturally leads to a focus on energy flow within the body and the need for identification of anything that might serve to restrict movement as it relates to the wellness
of the body, mind, and spirit. In this section, you will learn the basics of the seven major chakras, their function, and the relationship that energy centers display with regard to an individual’s physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Being able to identify resistance, blocks, overbalanced, underbalanced, and other chakra issues can lead to clearing, charging, and balancing the centers to restore harmony. Understanding the subject of negative cords of attachment can be a life-changing process for you and anyone you choose to serve. Healthy energy centers that free from cords, empower an individual to function at their highest level and create healthy relationships based in wellness.



The 7 Personal Chakras

Assessing the Chakras
Cords of Attachment
Methods to Balance Chakras