How a Remote Session or Energy Bubble Works

- Energy Bubble / Stream

When I offer distance energy healing sessions and Oneness Blessings, I sense them as either condensed forms of energy, perceived as a ball or bubble of energy or a steadily flowing stream of energy. Both of which are divinely guided. As I channel in and open up to the energy of the divine universal consciousness, I form a “bubble” or stream and send it to the client.


To receive a session, we first decide on a time. I then text the client when I am beginning. The client then relaxes and receives the energy as I send it. The energy in distance sessions comes in very concentrated, so for me it may take 10-15 min to send, but for the receiver,  it can take 30-60 min or more to complete working in their energy field. Often the receiver will continue integrating the work in the next day or so. 


-Distance Session

In the distance sessions, 60 minutes  are spent tuning into the client's energy body, channeling healing energies, and making notes. For first-time clients, additional time is provided for the assessment period.  In distance sessions I am involved in the healing work by manipulating and directing energies, clearing low vibrations, balancing chakras, etc.. and using other techniques that I would use in an in-person session. As I tune in with the client, I am able to sense through clairvoyance (sight) and Clairsentience (feeling) what is happening, and often receive information for the client. At the close of this session,  I send session notes via text or email, which lets the client know all that I experienced and what I  perceived to be happening. This can be very validating, as the client often will recognize aspects within the notes that match their experience. The energy comes in concentrated from time to time and may continue adjusting and working with the client for hours after I have finished working.  


The format of a remote session includes a brief connection with the client to establish that we are both ready to begin, and a lengthier conversation for First-Time clients. We then hang up the phone, unless guided or requested otherwise, and the client relaxes for the next 45-60 min. During this time I tune into the client and work with the assistance of healing energies, on the clients energetic being. When the energy has completed it's channel through me, I make notes and text the client to let them know of the sessions closure on my end. Often the energies will continue working through the remainder of the  day/evening and sometimes into the next day and week as the client assimilates the session's adjustments. 


I offer Distance sessions for Oneness Blessings, Reconnective Healings, Reiki, and Earth-Based energy healing. To book a session, please visit the Scheduling link.


-During Your Session


 The session will begin at the scheduled day/time. You should relax in a comfortable position, in a quiet, alone place, you may put on some relaxing music if you’d like. Take some deep relaxing breaths and through your intention open up and invite in the blessing / energy healing. You might ask the Universal Divinely Guided energy to be with you and assist in releasing and healing any and all aspects that are the most appropriate. You may also choose

to request the assistance of your Spiritual Healing Team, Archangels, and Spiritual Figures. This will set up the space for your session to begin. 


Then just relax and notice how you feel, notice any sensations, or experiences you may have. They may be subtle or stronger. Some sensations experienced by clients and myself include:


  • Feeling Warmth 
  • Tingling
  • Coolness
  • Static electricity
  • A change in air pressure
  • Humming or ringing in ears
  • Seeing colors, lights or images with eyes closed
  • Feeling weightless or light
  • Feeling heaviness or pressure
  • Tightness
  • Emotions, etc. 


 If at any time a sensation is too strong,  just breathe through it. Stay with the sensation as it clears and releases the low vibe blocks and energy from your field.


Sessions begin with the initial connection by phone or text to assure both parties are ready. 
The client finds a comfortable space to relax where they won't be interrupted. 
Amy connects in with the clients energy through clairvoyant remote viewing and/or astral travel.
Energy is channeled to the client as Amy and the clients higher self and teams of spiritual healing guides assist in the session. This is the dominant part of the session.
When the session is complete, Amy creates notes, emails them to the client and texts the client the session is complete
The client relaxes until they are intuitively guided that all aspects have assimilated for the time being, and the session is done on their end as well.
Client reviews notes view email. 


From time to time, I am asked to explain the experience and science behind distance / remote healing sessions. While I'm 
not a scientist, I will do my best to provide resources. I can only speak from my personal experiences and the feedback of others who have received distance bubbles, sessions or blessings.  

 When I first heard
of and learned this concept, I too questioned, “how does this work”. However, after I experienced a remote Reiki offering, I didn't feel I needed to know “how” in order to receive the benefits. I had received my own personal experience in recognizing and sensing the energy as it greeted my field and worked with me. The strongest sensation for me was a very distinct,  high-pitched humming tone that hovered over my ears. I then felt my ears receiving warmth from the energy. After the session, the Reiki practitioner explained she started working with my head and ears. This experience happened  back in 2001 and is still very significant for me. This simple  phenomenon and the undeniable way in which the energy offered its presence to me was enough to get me started in further working with distance sessions. 

Science Behind Distance Healing Sessions
There is a scientific, quantum physics explanation of this process that I will leave up to the experts in the field of science. I attended a lecture presented in 2013 by Dr. William Tiller, of the William Tiller Foundation. It all made sense as he was presenting the information, but I would have a hard time explaining it myself. He does a beautiful job in explaining healing through time and space with quantum physics in this article. Dr. Tiller has published many papers and books and appeared in the movie What the Bleep do we Know. 

 I tend to look at 
remote healing process as being in alignment with prayer. We are all familiar with the concept of prayer and we often pray for those who are not physically in our presence. In Lynne McTaggart's book, The Field, she discusses a randomized, double-blind trial which set out to see  "...whether remote prayer would have any effect on patients in a coronary care unit.  Over 10 months, nearly 400 patients were divided into two groups, and only half (unbeknownst to them) were prayed for by a Christian prayer group outside the hospital.  All patients had been evaluated, and there was no statistical difference in their condition before treatment.  However, after treatment, those who’d been prayed for had significantly less severe symptoms and fewer instances of pneumonia and also required less assistance on a ventilator and fewer antibiotics than patients who hadn’t been prayed for.” 

-Lynne McTaggart, “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe,” (186-7)

I feel this study shows the effectiveness that our intentions and directed flow of divinely accessible energies can have on others who are not near us. The Field  is  said to be very informative on quantum physics and distance healing. I have heard a lot about her and her work, 
however, I  haven’t read her books. Mostly because, from my personal experiences, I know it works, and secondly I have a whole stack of books waiting to get through. If you’re interested, check out her work for a more scientific explanation. : )