Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy is a practice in which a trained practitioner assists the client in their pursuit of healing. They do so by offering treatment that aids in energetic homeostasis. Energy sessions are very relaxing and help the client as a whole, offering treatment that assists on Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual levels. Sessions assist in achieving and maintaining balance and optimal health.

Often when we just feel 'out of sorts', we are not balanced. By ignoring issues in our life and 'stuffing' them in or 'blocking' them out, we are setting ourselves up for disharmony. When doing this, the perfect opportunity for energetic blocks to form presents itself. If not addressed, the blocks will create an imbalance in our systems.  Over time disease (dis-ease) may manifest in the physical body.

Amy is trained in locating and releasing these blocks, thus allowing the flow of energy to commence and healing to occur. When whole and balanced, all aspects of one's being are in harmony. Harmony and balance are the keys to true health.

Energy Therapy is known worldwide for it's therapeutic benefits and the deep relaxation it often offers to the client. It can be very therapeutic and healing on multiple levels. During a session, the client stays fully dressed, removing only large pieces of jewelry and shoes. Sessions include an intake, treatment and review of the session with a copy of notes provided to the client. Appointment times are approximately 75-90 minutes with an average of 45 min on the treatment table. 

What Can To Expect From a Treatment

Depending on the modality used, benefits from treatment may include Relaxation, Deep Peace, Relief of Discomfort or Pain, Spiritual Insight, DNA Reconnection and aligning with your Life Purpose. Other benefits from a session may include.   

  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction
  • Headaches- Chronic & Acute 
  • Mental Stress & Confusion
  • Chronic Discomforts

Reiki for Cancer Patients

Reiki is one of the few Energy Healing modalities

that is appropriate for treating cancer and is an

approved treatment by the American Cancer Society.

Prenatal Sessions

Prenatal sessions provide the physical, mental and emotional support needed for expecting women. Sessions allow mothers to relax in a safe and therapeutic environment that enhances their Universal Life-Force Energy. At the mother’s request, therapy can also be offered to her fetus in a safe manner that provides support for her growing baby.

Spiritual Development

Those on a spiritual journey often find energy healing sessions to be complimentary to their journey. The meditative properties attained, and states afforded during a session often provide the client insight into their spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, and other spiritual or energetic practices. 

Reconnective Healing Session

Reconnective Healings reconnect the clients' axitonial lines to the earth and universe. DNA strands are reconnected, thus providing a deep and substantial healing. For more in-depth information, please visit the Reconnective Healing tab.

The Oneness Blessing / Deeksha (Indian for Blessing)

The Oneness blessing is given by a certified Oneness Blessing giver and can be given in person or remotely. The energy of Divine Grace is channeled to the receiver. This energy quiets the mind and the chatter that we experience and activates the frontal lobes; creating new neurological pathways and assists us in expanding consciousness and raising our vibration. For more info, click here

After a Session

After a session, clients may feel a number of ways. You may be refreshed, relaxed, and recharged, or you may feel tired and sleepy as your body integrates the healing work that was done. Some clients have some Spiritual Insight. 

Please drink plenty of water after a session as this helps to flush out toxins and ground your energy.

Energy Therapy - Remote/Distance

Amy offers distance healing energy. If you need a bit of energy to help you through a crisis or a low point in your day, contact Amy directly to set up a full or condensed session. Condensed sessions consist of 15 minutes of channeled energy. Some reasons  for

condensed sessions include the sudden onset of- headaches, stomach aches, weakness, emotional distress, mental confusion, psychic attack, etc...