Reiki Home Study Course Information

For the home Reiki I , II & III courses, you receive
1.      Two 15 min phone consults if you’d like (per course)
2.      The attunements (done in person or distance, your choice)
3.      A manual from the International Reiki Center
4.      Class Notes and Handouts
5.      A copy of class slides
6.      Certificate of Completion

Students are given materials to study at home, including the class slides that guide you along the same materials in the manual. Students are provided with links to online videos to review chakra information and Reiki hand placements. (these are included in the handouts as well, but video is nice to watch too)

The courses are self-paced systems of study. 

I provide information for one of my favorite meditations if you’d like to purchase and listen to. This is not a meditation of my own, or I would include it. And other resources that I have found helpful through my practice.

You will have the same training as in class, with the exception of 1 hour of hands on practice. In class students practice 1 hour in class and also have many sessions of practice with friends or family members once they train at level II.

Level I is about the adjustments within your own energy, learning about Reiki and self Reiki Treatments.  After students have read the course materials, received the attunement and feel energetically ready, using their own intuition, they may advance to level Reiki II where they will then certify to be a Reiki Level II Practitioner. . This can be done the very next day, week, or month.

Level II is furthering your knowledge, expanding the strength of Reiki and working with others. To receive this certification, students will need to review course materials, have attunement, practice 3 sessions on another person or animal and turn in written understanding of 3 Japanese words/symbols… so write them and know their meaning.

Level III includes advanced Reiki training and the Master symbols which strengthen the flow of Reiki energy. 

Reiki II certification is $125

Reiki III Advanced Reiki Master Practitioner $175

Hear what other home study students have to say about their experience:

Being an intuitive,  I am a believer in intentions, Amy's intention to giving and my intention of receiving created beautiful experiences during my Reiki Home Study Attunements. I'd like to share one of my experiences with you. I began to feel pressure around the top of my head (crown chakra) it felt like I was wearing a concrete hat. Then tingling surrounded me and ran down my body, as if I stepped inside a crystal vault. This was followed by a metal taste in my mouth; (which I know as clairgustance-the ability to connect with spirit through taste.) Next I felt as if I was being wrapped in a very warm, calming blanket. Then I had a tingly itchy feeling (energy) on the left said of my face, then the right. In my third eye chakra I saw floating colors of purple, dark royal blue and white. (I associated these colors with the Archangels, which was confirmed when the figure of an angel came in.) Next I saw what appeared as a floating eye, watching me, then  I saw and felt sky blue and clouds pulsating around my head.  The energy slowly subsided and I opened my eyes as a calmness filled me. Writing this down chills down run down my spine; again I give Gratitude to The Masters, the Angels, and our Creator. The Reiki Home Study worked perfect for me, I know spirit led me to Amy and I am so grateful to her for her love, guidance and teachings.  
_ Dianne M. Canyon Lake, TX