Teaching- Amy's background and knowledge in the Forsyth Crystal Light Table, the IEL programs, and additional areas of study including in multiple energy healing modalities, intuitive communication, and hypnotherapy offers a wealth of knowledge to draw upon in your mentor sessions. She offers online and in-person workshops in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX   

Through Answers - Amy is trained to give you answers to the burning questions, to help pave the way toward understanding, and to answer questions you may have after studying your online tutorials.

Testing- Why not use your skills in a mentorship session with Amy? As a certified teacher from the IEL Institute she can help assess where you are in your personal evolution and give you ways to expand your gifts.

Trust- A mentorship session with Amy will leave you with the trust and confidence that you are seeking when you made your purchase of the IEL Institute program.

Community- When you work with a mentor, you make a connection with a leader in the IEL Community. Each teacher can connect others in the IEL Institute program and guide you through expanding your gifts to match your intentions.

Inspiration- Working with a mentor like Amy, that has a high level of achievement in your field of interest can be very inspirtional. Through your work together she will assist you in your as you set and reach your own goals. You might also meet a best friend for life and a connection that supports your spirit in its own evolution.

Amy is Forsyth Crystal Light Table Practitioner, and mentor teacher. She is trained in additional energy healing modalities and areas of study. A clairvoyant and activated channel, she is an original graduate of the I EL program and has watched the school grow from four courses of study to seven. She was one of the first students to graduate from the four level program and was one of the first practitioners to acquire a Forsyth Crystal Light Table FCLT. As the program expanded, she continued her training as a student in the master level courses and apprenticed as a teacher in 2016 making her one of the original mentors and teachers with the IEL Institute. 

Amy provides the highest level of professional counsel through:‚Äč