Hello Beautiful, thank you for stopping by. It is always nice to connect with others who are healing, awakening, and expanding their awareness. I believe that we all have a light within and that we have many gifts to offer to others. I also believe that it is not by chance that you were led to my site. Perhaps you will feel drawn to work together, or perhaps there is information found within that will assist you in your studies.

It’s my desire to share my gifts and knowledge in a way that assists others in their path of healing and ascension. I work with clients through all stages of healing and awakening and believe that as a collective whole, we are all on a path of raising our consciousness and tuning into who we are at a soul level. I also believe that as a part of this process, many of us that are returning to earth to assist and are awakening to memories, gifts, knowledge and abilities. As a part of this ascension and activation of our gifts, old patterns, frequencies and limitations are being shed.

The services I offer assist with the process and include energy healing, readings, energy body assessments, past life regressions, and classes in the healing arts and angelic communication. Working together, it is my desire to assist you in your unique journey of healing and discovery as you find a balance and wholeness within. Through our work together, clients and students have found healing and discovered gifts and tools that support their path in life.



 © 2014 | All Rights Reserved. Services offered include Energy Therapy, Angelic Card Readings, Intuitive Guidance, and Hypnotherapy. Energy Healing is used worldwide as a form of complementary medicine. Services are not a replacement for medical care. Amy is not doctor and encourages you to continue care with your medical team.

My credentials include that of a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Past Life Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Reconnective Practitioner, Oneness Blessings Giver and Certified Crystal Light Table practitioner. While my credentials give insights into my education and training, they do not define me. Like yourself, I am a light, a soul incarnated in a human body during one of the greatest shifts the earth has ever seen. It is a privilege and honor to be here. And as a starseed, it has been an amazing and beautiful journey awakening to soul memories. My memories and experiences have helped me to better understand earth life and help others along the way. To hear a bit about other’s experiences working with me, visit my  testimonial page. For a list of services and available sessions, click here.

Welcome, feel free to browse around and explore services, books I’ve authored, and connect in on InstaGram for endless inspirational messages. Thank you for connecting, I look forward to working with you.

In Light and Love, Amy.

After a life-changing awakening and journey in raising my vibration and awareness, I came to recall gifts and abilities that I use to support and assist others through the services found here. I have been called a "healer's healer" due to my experience and level of commitment in educating, facilitating sessions, and assisting others as a mentor during their healing and awakening process.  I assist clients worldwide through energy healing, energetic assessments, and readings using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizant abilities. During our time together, we work closely with higher dimensional beings, including the client's higher self, the angel realm, spirit guides, and star councils. I specialize in mentoring the awakening Starseed and connect in with their star councils for information that supports their life missions.

I offer the highest level of care and commitment to those I work with and have been blessed to work with many in-person and remote clients since stepping into the field of energy healing in 2001. If you feel my services are in alignment with your current needs, I'd love to work with you. Select in-person appointments are offered in Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas and through phone, Skype and E-mail for clients world-wide.

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Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas                 Phone: 210-526-1130                  Email: AmySikarskie@att.net