Q. Describe the most common types of jobs

you do for your clients.

I have assisted clients with various ailments. My services assist the client as a whole, encompassing the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects.


I have helped clients who are in need of emotional support. Energy healing can calm the emotional body, release any blocks so the client can think more calmly and logically or just be at peace.


Some clients request sessions for physical issues and helped with pain in muscles, joints, organs and systems such as endocrine, digestion and nervous. Relieving headaches is also a common part of my practice.


Energy Therapy and Hypnotherapy also assist on the mental level and can help calm ones racing thoughts and anxieties. Additionally it's been known to  relieve cloudiness and to bring clearer thought processes to them.


Sessions often have a spiritual aspect to them as well; often clients receive messages while in an altered state. These messages have been reported to come from God/Source, Angels, Spirit Guides, Past experiences before this life, and their Higher Self.


At guided I channel in messages for clients and provide insights into their healing.



Q. Describe recent the types of sessions you have recently

I have recently seen clients for the following issues; anxiety, fatigue, uneasiness, headaches, tremors, digestive issues, menstrual discomfort,  mental clarity, physical discomfort in muscles and joints.


Recent sessions assisted clients in their spiritual journey and helped them receive guidance, support and healing light and love to assist them during shifts and transitions or to prepare them for life changes that are quickly approaching.


While my work is primarily based on energy healing, I often receive messages that I pass on to clients regarding their situations.


In addition to healing sessions, I have recently facilitated Reconnections for clients. I have seen and personally experienced outstanding results from The Reconnection and Healing sessions.


I see clients who are being bothered by astral energies including earthbound spirits who have not crossed into the light. I offer spirit releasement therapy. With the assistance of the Archangels, I release energies from the clients field and assist spirits into the light.

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a
provider like you?

I'd advise customers who are looking for an Energy Practitioner to go with their intuition and research when selecting a practitioner.


You may find yourself working on very personal matters during your healing session, and it's important that you feel comfortable, relaxed and open to the experience. Find a provider that you feel energetically drawn to.


Additionally you may want to take their experience and credentials into mind when choosing a practitioner. Such questions include:

  • How long have they been practicing?
  • What training do they have?
  • Are they able to answer questions prior to your session?
  • Are they heartfelt and genuine in their work?
  • Do they offer distance sessions? And where are they located?


Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about
your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

If I were a customer new to energy healing, I'd want a brief description of the work. I'd like to know what to expect from my session and what is expected of me. Also, I'd be interested in knowing about the various modalities used and their differences.


I'd also want to know about how a typical session goes, what to wear, any preparations needed on my end and the average length of time.


Q. What important information should buyers have thought
through before seeking you out?

There is no important information that clients need to have thought out in order to see me. They may just feel drawn to my services or notice they feel out of sorts or in a "funk". This is all that is needed really. The session will provide them with the healing and support that they need at the highest level.


Sometimes we are in need of things we don't even understand or can't put into words. But throughout the session, as a trained practitioner, I can ascertain and assist the client in various ways including releasing blocks, and balancing chakras, calming their energy body, raising
their vibration, restructuring damaged areas of their field, releasing attachments, etc.


This is why I am here. I have been trained to do this work. Let your practitioner assist, and you as the client can relax and enjoy your session.


Q. What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is being able to assist others. Helping them through their situations and meeting new people. I also find it fascinating and interesting when reviewing how no two sessions are ever the same, even with the same client.


It interests me on a technical level to experience the various ways that assistance comes through in a session. I favor feeling the energy, but also can see it and hear aspects too. This is intriguing to
me, as are the divine messages that come through with the angels.


Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

I found myself being attracted to Energy work during my high school years. I found out about Reiki at a local spiritual / metaphysical shop. I studied the energy body and then was trained as a Reiki Master in 2001. That was the start of my journey as a healer in this life. I have been taking classes and continually learning about energy / spiritual work and healing since then. This is my passion and my calling, to assist others in peace and healing during their journey as a soul.


I became highly interested in Past Life Regression work in my early twenties. I have studied the field in depth and have seen many transformations within clients. Ailments and issues can cross over between incarnations, healings have occurred  that had roots in other lifetimes. These issues have been resolved for clients during both energy therapy sessions and
past life regressions. 

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