If the energy in your space feels off and needs a sprucing up, or if you feel you might have an uninvited guest in your space, a clearing might be right for you. I offer clearings of homes, offices, cars, and space that you have a claim or right to.  Space clearings are perfect for new home purchases or selling a home, as an annual cleaning, if family members are having difficulty sleeping through the night, when any paranormal activity may be expected. 

Some of us may be unaware that there is an additional entity or energy in our space. These energies can cause fatigue, irritability foggy thinking and frankly, just make it unpleasant to be alone in our own home or office. 

There is always a benefit to space clearing. During the process, I clear a variety of energies including, thoughts, emotions, and residual energy. I also check for entities such as earth bounds (ghosts) and working with the Archangels, we assist these beings into the light or ask them to leave the premises. Due to the nature of free will, this can become a negotiation process. Services include an assessment and the time spent cleansing the energies. While I have had great results with this service, I can not guarantee the clearing of an earth-bound, but always do my best to work with them. 

A full report is provided to the client with details on what I noticed and what work occurred.  Clearings are done remotley from a distance. I go into meditation and tune into the space. I walk through it in my mind and using clairvoyance and the assistance of the archangel realm and my guides, I access the home or space and do the clearing work. 

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