• confusion
  • apathy
  • lethargy
  • depression
  • rage
  • change in attitude and personality
  • contradictory thoughts and/or arguments within thinking
  • change in eating habits
  • relationship issues
  • emotional disturbances
  • troublesome thoughts
  • and more... 

During a Spirit Release session, the Angels and Guides assist with the process of untangling the energies and ushering the spirit  into a space of peace and well being. If they are not ready to cross into the light, their free will is honored. Yet as it is impeding upon the clients free will, they are escorted out of the session and guided to an appropriate space/dimension in time. The interactions in such sessions are based on respect and courteous intentions for the client and the earth-bound soul. Such sessions may produce significant life changing shifts within the clients life.

Spirit Releasement

As Amy's services working in the subtle field of energies progressed, she began finding herself picking up on visitors within sessions. With the assistance of the Archangel realm, these energies present are assisted and released. The most common form of spiritual releasement is that of an earth bound soul.
‚ÄčEarth bound souls are human in nature, just like you and I. After their passing from physical, they remained within the energetic dimensions that are closest to earth. Each have their own reasons for not crossing into the light, or completing their transition back home. Some are confused, lost, scared, not ready to say goodbye, have a job they feel is not complete, etc.

‚ÄčThese spirits can be of those we love and know or of a complete stranger. Whatever the relationship and reason being, when the energies intertwine and merge with a client's energetic field, issues such as the following may be noticed: