Connie has her Masters Degree in Spiritual Healing and has studied and certified in over twenty-four modalities including Licensing in Nursing. Mastering in: Ascension, Usui, and Multidimensional Reiki: Hands on, off, and long-distance healing. Shamanism. Animal healing. Crystal Communication. Hypnotherapist; specializing in Past-Life and Spiritual Regression -- All with the intention of unification of the Spirit-man and Soul-purpose.  
You can contact Connie via email: Text Message: 1-210-465-3748

Amy has been in contact with her guides and a higher power since childhood. As a teenager, she was introduced to angelic communication and energy healing. In 2001 she certified as a Reiki Master. As a young mother, she then went on to pursue a career in nursing working with special needs children and adults.

During her work as a nurse, Amy expanded her training in the field of energy medicine through studying with Lion Heart Institute and certifying in Earth-Based Energy Healing. This modality is based on Barbara Anne Brennan's teachings in her best-selling books Light Emerging and Hands of Light. It was during this accelerated awakening and ascension of her energy that she first received visions and memories of other lifetimes and life off of our planet earth.

Amy then had a profound past life regression followed by a life-between-life regression that filled in the gaps and answered many questions on the work she was to do in this lifetime. She went on to train as a hypnotherapist, where she met her friend and co-author, Connie Parker. Together they certified in past life regression with the Newton Institute. 

​It was during this period of time that more memories surfaced

and her clair-senses expanded. In a very natural process,

she began a more direct communication

with her guides and those of clients.      © 2014 | All Rights Reserved. Services offered include Energy Therapy, Angelic Card Readings, Intuitive Guidance, and Hypnotherapy. Energy Healing is used worldwide as a form of complementary medicine. Services are not a replacement for medical care. Amy is not doctor and encourages you to continue care with your medical team.

Connie Parker

Connie Parker

This led her to seek further training from the Intuit the Energy of Love (IEL) Institute in Austin, TX. Amy completed certification as a Forsyth Crystal Light Table Practitioner and is currently in their teacher training program. 

She offers select in-person appointments in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area and works with clients
world-wide through email and Skype.

Connie was born an Open Channel to the world of spirits. As a small child she could see and communicate with Angels and Higher Source Souls, living and deceased persons, and animals; knowing the higher purpose or heart of a person and understanding their struggles in life and death.  

As a result of biblical studies and perceptions, along with her abilities to communicate with the other dimensions, she has a unique way of addressing healing of the soul and finding the individual and communal purpose of us all. She is in constant contact with her Spiritual Councils, Guides, and Great Ascended Masters and Angels to gain new enlightenments for the Ascension of the human kind for this age of Awakening into knowing who we are -- Eternal Beings from all spaces and times! 

She is in the process of writing several books using her challenges and abilities as a guidepost for the assimilation and healing of the world and humanity through the understanding of the Spiritual World.  
Currently, Connie and her husband/Navigator are devoting their time to developing a system of programmed crystal energy and attunements aligned with the Spirit of Truth and healing for humankind. Together and separate, they take select private sessions of individuals and groups who are ready to take the next step in understanding and awakening. 

Amy Sikarskie

Amy Sikarskie

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