"Amy is a gentle soul who is kind and loving. Her healing treatment abilities are authentic and impressive. Thank you, Amy."~Kathy E.Lytle, TX 

"My session with you (Amy) was awesome!  I'd only experienced one other energy healing session. Although that session was very memorable and brought healing, my session with you was different. In the previous session, I felt grief well up and purge while the masseuse/healer/shaman worked near my chest area.  During my session with you, I actually FELT the energy moving inside me.  I continued to feel that sensation even after you moved away from me and sat down to make your notes."~Michelle F.San Antonio, TX

"For several months, I was going through a major depression, in where I always stayed in bed every day. After many efforts to make me happy again, my mother recommended we try a spiritual healing and made me an appointment. That's when we met Amy for the first time. I was a bit skeptical and didn't know what to expect, but I was willing to try anything just to feel happy again. Coming to the first session, she greeted me with such kindness and enthusiasm. She then easily explained the steps she would take to help clear my chakras and keep good energy flowing within me. It was a very peaceful and relaxing session where afterward, she goes over what she did and what she had seen. Within the next few days after seeing her, I started feeling happier. So I went to see her again a week later for a second session, and after that, I refused to stay in bed anymore! I keep going back to see her only to feel better and better each time. My depression has completely disappeared thanks to Amy. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!" ~ Isaias, San Antonio, TX

"Anyone who is considering having a session with Amy should definitely do so with confidence. She is very kind, caring, compassionate and definitely highly gifted in many areas. I've had two energy clearing sessions so far and have noticed a significant difference. Two weeks ago I had severe pain in the back of my neck and lower back. I had planned to see a chiropractor and acupuncturist for relief but didn't need to as it has disappeared. Another positive difference is that I am now sleeping through the night and just feeling lighter. Lots of negative energy that I developed over many years from past traumatic events are finally leaving. Negative patterns are slowly disappearing, and I can actually feel the blocks dissolving. During my sessions, I felt as if my whole entire body was energetically under construction and repair. It felt like electrical heat flowing from head to toe. I know that things were shifting everywhere, but I felt very relaxed and peaceful. I have scheduled more appointments and very excited for more healing, enlightenment, & intuitive messages! I have even signed up for Reiki I & II classes on Amy's website to learn and experience more on a deeper level. Whatever type of session you may be interested in, Amy is your girl for a wonderful experience and a positive outcome that will benefit your life in so many ways!!" ~M. Duncan, San Antonio, TX

"From the very first session I received from Amy, I have had noticeable and immediate results. At the time when I first began sessions, I had severe Hypoadrenia and suffered from gluten intolerance. Sessions with Amy have allowed me to deal with my stress and physical fatigue at a deeper level and allowed me to heal much more quickly from my ailments than even my doctor expected. After receiving over four months of frequent treatments, my test results show that I no longer have Hypoadrenia at all. Although a change in diet was most certainly a part of my recovery, both my doctor and I strongly believe the many Reiki and Energy Healings I have received have allowed me to de-stress, regain my energy, and encourage my body to focus on rapid healing.Amy is very professional, kind, understanding and easy to talk to so you will always feel comfortable with her work. She was great at explaining the entire procedure as I had never received Reiki sessions before. Also, she is very adept at meeting you where you are at on your journey-- therefore, if you are only looking for physical relief from ailments or for more spiritual awareness through your sessions, she fully supports your goals and works closely with you on them.The experience of receiving Reiki is very pleasant and rewarding. While Amy worked on me I could feel subtle but definite physical changes in my body and energy field which were very soothing and calming. Afterwards I always felt refreshed, "lighter" and very relaxed. As time has passed and additional sessions were obtained, I can whole-heartedly say that the results of her work are not just cumulative but very freeing on a physical, emotional and even spiritual level. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a first-time Reiki experience or for long-term energy shifts and maintenance of your energy field to seek out Amy's services. She is one of the best!"  ~Lydia R.San Antonio, TX

Amy is truly a beautiful soul. I've done a number of healing sessions with her and the experiences were profound. She's truly gifted and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing."~Erik A.Houston, TX

"From the moment I met Amy I felt comfortable and welcomed in her presence. She has a true gift and her desire to help others find their light is genuine. Amy has aided me in my spiritual journey in many, many ways.  I initially went for a Reiki session and have gone back many times for a variety of work. In the process of her clearing and reenergizing my chakras, much has been revealed to me. I wasn't sure if hypnosis/past life regression would be something I was capable of but I trusted Amy, and sure enough I discovered old wounds which she helped me heal. Her gift of receiving messages through imagery is very beautiful and profound.   Aside from the spiritual aspect, physically it's done wonders. I feel so refreshed and revitalized after my sessions with her. It's a high I can't describe. My dedication to this healing work has opened up my mind and heart even more to recognizing and appreciating the spiritual realm that has always been present. I'm now able to connect to my guides and higher self in my meditations much more clearly. It's also improved my healing work as a masseuse. As long as you have an open mind and heart I can assure you will have a memorable experience. Light and Love,"~Janie T.San Antonio, TX  

"If I had to say with one word it would be... WOW!!! I have been to many different energy workers, but no one had ever been able to make me feel any better. No one had ever actually helped me or gave me hope. That is of course until I met Mrs. Amy. Lost in my own personal hell, I reached out  for help. I am a very high strung individual, both physically and mentally. She has helped me break free from all that was holding me back in my subconscious mind, calmed my thoughts by ridding me of negativity and shed light to a suppressed memory in my childhood which shattered my self confidence. She saw damages I never mentioned to her by simply seeing the energy flowing through my body. All within my very first session! My next visit was even more intense as it left us both with chills. For the skeptics, I can honestly say if you are willing to get a thirty minute massage for your muscles, then why not get one for your soul? Thank you, Mrs. Amy!!!"~Nissa P.San Antonio, TX

"Absolutely amazing! I'm new to the energy thing and was a bit skeptic. Totally a believer now. I'm a licensed professional counselor with the state of Texas. Through sessions with Amy and through my own studies, I have learned the importance of energy practice. Amy is 100% genuine, and I highly  recommend her services."~Stephanie K.Brazoria, TX

"Amy's soft, gentle character can only be described as love for the people she attracts in her life. I consider her a valued friend. I"m so grateful for the work she does and the honest, open way she communicates with me. I look forward to continuing my work with her and learn from her."~Melanie B.San Antonio, TX

"Amy is amazing! I've never had energy work done and wasn't sure what to expect, but it was amazing. I felt her healing and energizing me. I feel wonderful and light. I highly recommend her to anyone. I will be visiting her again!~Annalisa P.San Antonio, TX 

"My session with Amy was very insightful and beneficial. She radiates light and love and immediately made me feel comfortable. She listened and never made me feel rushed when sharing my thoughts. I truly believe she has a gift for healing by connecting with the energy of the Divine. After just one session, I experienced both physical and mental healings that have postively changed my well being. I have been reading a lot about intuition and modalities involving energy, so meeting Amy came at the perfect time. It was very affirming, and I will definitely go to see her again."~Kolleen Wimberly, TX

"I had a profound healing experience with Amy. While she was working on me I could psychically see and physically feel her removing toxic energies from my body. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I am grateful for her work and recommend her to all people interested in healing on any level."     ~Betsy K. San Antonio, TX

"Amy is amazing and an excellent healer! My life is better for knowing her and for her introducing me to The Reconnection. I highly recomend her to every person on the planet... and their animals too!"~ Kim O., Seguine, TX

"My experience with Amy was enjoyable, graceful and calming. I felt that my chakra was clogged and needed to be recharged so that I could heal through my grieving process. I lost my two parents back to back it was devastating. Amy's session helped me release the negative energy and create a more positive channel for me. I still need more work done, but I plan to incorporate her sessions like maintenance upkeep. Amy is polished and posed, which I love about her. Thank you Amy! I look forward to more sessions together."~Rosalinda O.

"Dearest Amy,...I'm so in Gratitude to you for your services and for your time and for your energy...I had met Amy sometime ago through a Doreen Virtue Angelcard Reading Course and was fortunate enough to receive a reading from Amy. Last night I was feeling so literally sick to my stomach and felt like my 3rd chakra was totally whacked out and stomped on... My solar plexus took a bad beating which was taking me down hard physically and emotionally... Amy listened to me ramble on and then suggested that perhaps I needed a clearing. She suggested I reach out to Archangel Michael for a healing and clearing and I did just that ... Amy told me she would have a look at my 3rd chakra. Alongside Amy I had both Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael working on me...This morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and cleared of the mess I was in. Words alone cannot describe how Blessed and Grateful that I am for Amy and her most outstanding services, and for just being there at the right time!! I would highly recommend Amy for a healing session - She is so super fantastic - In loving Gratitude to you Amy!! :) Much Love & Light & Laughter & many Blessings to you Amy" With much Love, Elaine G., Lacombe , Alberta Canada

Independent Remote Forsyth Crystal Light Table Feedback

The following reviews are from recipients of a long-distance / remote session on the Crystal Light Table. In these sessions, the table was prepared and programmed by Amy and then left to provide the healing to the client. There was no further interaction by the practitioner.

"That was amazing. I felt a deep sense of peace inside me along with loving vibrations. At one point, I heard humming noises coming from my third eye. I also felt a very powerful strength when I repeated the mantras of healing and strengthening. At one point, my whole body got extremely hot and I felt a lot of action going on in my heart area. That was great thank you so much!!!💗💗love and light your way!"

"Hello!! Thank you again! 🙏  I found myself deep breathing- as I would when I begin to meditate. I 
noticed whale spirit animal. I did cord clearing with people close to me in my life and then I felt something around my solar plexus. Then I felt a shift- like someone/something moved my body slightly to the right. I felt a fine tune vibration throughout my whole body (which happens to me when I'm meditating). Then I felt a swirly energy around my heart/throat chakras. I was going through my chakras, setting an intention & thinking of positive affirmations for each one. I don't know if I ever truly fell asleep but I feel rested and like my body is buzzing!! Thank you again for offering this remote healing session! I would recommend this healing session to anyone!" 

"My experience was also tingling and I felt very relaxed. I hope it will continue to work on me. It was a fun experience, and peaceful. Thanks so much for giving me this gift."

"The first thing I noticed was a comfortable warmth through my core. Then a sensation like gentle little pin pricks up and down both arms which later went into both legs. Through out the process at random times I felt a vibration on my right foot, like if there was a cell phone on vibrate. I saw various images, as I do when I meditate, and towards the end it felt like there was something on the side of my face. It is hard to described, but at times there was a sensation of gentle weird massage. ...It was only on the right side, stopped when I adjusted my head then started up again. That happened 3 different times. "

"When I started my session, my eyes felt like they were twitching. That stopped and I felt a sense of deep relaxation. My thumb, index and middle finger tips on my left hand tingled and felt numb. I felt several vibrations or jolts on my index finger. I experienced similar but less intense sensations on my right hand. I felt spasm or twitching like sensations on my neck and shoulders. I had random twitching in my legs and toes. I had a brief sensation of pressure in my eyes and then a feeling of vertigo or spinning. I continued to feel deeply relaxed. When you texted me to end the session, I felt chills all over. I now feel grounded in my resolve to continue my spiritual journey and to follow my heart wherever it may lead. I'm on a journey of self discovery and acceptance. Thank you for being on my path."


"Amy, The Reiki session you provided, my first, was spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically helpful, as well as informative. Much appreciated. May the Light continue to shine ever brighter through you, revealing the simple truth of one glorious presence."    ~ Robert E.Spring Branch, TX


"Being an intuitive,  I am a believer in intentions, Amy's intention to giving and my intention of receiving created beautiful experiences during my Reiki Home Study Attunements. I'd like to share one of my experiences with you. I began to feel pressure around the top of my head (crown chakra) it felt like I was wearing a concrete hat. Then tingling surrounded me and ran down my body, as if I stepped inside a crystal vault. This was followed by a metal taste in my mouth; (which I know as clairgustance-the ability to connect with spirit through taste.) Next I felt as if I was being wrapped in a very warm, calming blanket. Then I had a tingly itchy feeling (energy) on the left said of my face, then the right. In my third eye chakra I saw floating colors of purple, dark royal blue and white. (I associated these colors with the Archangels, which was confirmed when the figure of an angel came in.) Next I saw what appeared as a floating eye, watching me, then  I saw and felt sky blue and clouds pulsating around my head.  The energy slowly subsided and I opened my eyes as a calmness filled me. Writing this down chills down run down my spine; again I give Gratitude to The Masters, the Angels, and our Creator. The Reiki Home Study worked perfect for me, I know spirit led me to Amy and I am so grateful to her for her love, guidance and teachings."  ~Dianne M. Canyon Lake, TX 

Testimonial Videos

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